The Eternal Cube

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You're buying a 2x2x2" cube made of Inconel X-750, a superalloy created by the Special Metals Corporation (trademark owner and inventor of Inconel).

The cube will come with:

1. A copy of the Certified Material Test Report and a copy of the certification letter from a representative of the Special Metals Corporation.

2. The cube itself.

3. A stand for the cube to rest on.

4. A microfiber cloth to wipe fingerprints or dust off the cube.

Inconel X-750 has a melting point of 1,260 degrees Celsius, a fracture toughness higher than that of titanium alloy, and a Vickers hardness 10 times that of platinum. It also has excellent resistance to salt water, strong acids and alkalis, organic solvents, UV radiation, and oxidation at up to 500 degrees Celsius. X-750 is pretty dense, so this cube will weigh about 2.5 pounds.

The full list of properties can be found here.